Miguel Rodriguez


I was born in Queens, New York and at the tender age of 10 my family and I packed our things and moved to this wonderful city I still call home; Miami, Florida. As I was growing up I had a hobby of working on cars and boats, my hobby soon became a passion. Living in Miami has given me the opportunity to enjoy the water and live the salt life, expanding my hobby and passion into a flourishing yacht management business.

My true experience has been earned by “a hands on” approach and years of dedication. I am no stranger to hard work and this is apparent to my present and you my next client. Whether organizing an entertainment overhaul, delivering a boat, servicing engines, or having a boat professionally detailed I sink my teeth into the project until it is complete. I pride myself on customer satisfaction, promptness, and professionalism. I know boats and yachts literally from the props and bottoms up.

My sales experience came by accident over the last years after some of my very loyal clients asked me and confided in me to offer an unbiased opinion to help them sell their boat or inspect one they were considering buying. I have worked with several yacht brokerage companies assisting my customers and finally decided to personally make the move into sales where I directly share my knowledge and passion.

My entrepreneurial spirit and dedication in the marine industry has helped me develop the skill and confidence to understand the importance of my clients needs and successfully fulfill those needs. I look forward to passing on my enthusiasm, honesty, hard work, and integrity to you my next client. I encourage you to give me a call.